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Which hydrangea would you plant in this area?

17 years ago

I have a new flower bed in my back yard and I need to decide which hydrangea to plant here! Please help me out!

The flower bed in question wraps around the corner of my deck. The eastern side of the bed has 3 Forever & Ever Red Sensation Hydrangeas. The northern side of the bed has perennials including Oriental lilies, lavender, coreopsis Early Sunrise and Shasta daisies. This photo may help you understand the location better:

I need a hydrangea right at the corner, between these plants. This corner of the bed has north eastern exposure, so it gets just a little bit of dappled sun in the morning, and a short period (a couple of hours maybe?) of direct afternoon sun.

Given the location (north eastern exposure) and the fact that it's between the Forever & Ever Red Sensation hydrangeas and these perennials, which hydrangea would you plant here? Also, not too far away from this bed is a Limelight hydrangea. I am looking for something with a good bloom duration and something that will bloom on new wood, as this location gets harsh wintry weather and so the plant may die back quite a bit. Currently, my choices are:

1. Pink Diamond - will it be too similar to the nearby Limelight? Maybe Quick Fire is better if I could even find it around here?

2. Bits of Lace - GORGEOUS light pink flowers, but will it tolerate all the sun here? And the deep pink of the Red Sensation - will it clash with this light pink?

3. White Dome - very lovely flowers! Again, will it tolerate all the sun here? How long does this bloom for?

4. None of the above! Your choice is...?

Please help me out! Thanks in advance!!!

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