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If it were you, which hydrangea(s) would you pick?

15 years ago

I just cannot believe it. The local nursery that I recently bought the gorgeous 3 gallon Pink Diamond, Kyushu and Little Lamb at $12.99 from, is now putting out quite a few new ones for sale from $9.99 (2 gallon) to $12.99 (3 gallon)!!! They are all very healthy and big! Since many of these are macrophyllas and lacecaps, they are not hardy enough for my area (zone 5). In any case, I really don't have room for them in my flower beds! Anyway, I would love to have maybe a couple in big containers that I can overwinter in the garage.

Based on my criteria of being able to grow in pots and reliable blooming, which one or two of the following would you pick please?

- Enziandom

- Domotoi

- Claudie

- Glory Blue

- Cardinal Red

- Blue Bird

- Tokyo Delight

I just did some research on this forum and found ego's beautiful photos of Tokyo Delight!!! Oh my! What amazing changes of colors! However, would it do OK in a big container though?

I also read great things about Enziandom too. However, I would love to have a lacecap since I already have paniculatas and macrophyllas. What do you think of Blue Bird and Claudie?

If it were you, which ones would you pick?

Thank you for your opinions!

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