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are impatiens from seed really that finicky?

20 years ago

This is my first year growing impatiens from seed. I am growing a few types of "African" impatiens.

Everything I have heard/read about starting these from seed says that impatiens are one of the most finicky plants to start from seed as it requires relatively constant germination temperatures. The packets say to expect germination in 18-28 days.

Well, the soil temps of the flats has ranged from 65F to 85F and I have 90% germination at 9 days. I used bottom heat and a humidity dome until they began sprouting, now I am using bottom heat (for awhile longer) and a 400watt HPS hung about 5' above them with no dome and bottom watering as necessary. Ambient temps range from 68F by day to 60F by night. I would put starting these seeds on a difficulty scale somewhere around marigolds which are ridiculously easy.

Did I just get lucky or is the difficulty in germinating impatiens just overstated? Perhaps the varieties I am starting are easier than others?

Trying to understand what was supposed to be hard about this while hoping I am not cursing myself ;-)

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