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These are a few of my least favorite things...

12 years ago

I'm kind of upset/annoyed because patella and villosa have recently slowwwwwwwwwwwly started dropping leaves. In both cases, it is old established leaves that just graaaaaaadually start turning yellow and eventually fall off. They've each lost TWO now and I haven't been able to turn the situation around. Of course, they both look fine NOW, but I fear that it's only a matter of time before another leaf starts to slowwwwwwwly yellow.

They haven't been moved, their moisture levels are stable and they're on the same schedule as they've always been. They're not even in the same location....

I'm thinking maybe patella is upset because she's near the door I enter from, and although she's in a protected dome, maybe she's feeling drafts or colder than she likes. Villosa I can't explain at all. It's in a lovely chummy spot. He's always been so hearty, but seems annoyed with me now even though all the more delicate plants in the same location are super chill.

Is this one of those epson salt moments? I'd post pictures, but like I said, the leaves have dropped so the plants look all normal for the moment...

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