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Garden Centers to Visit in Greater Chicago

10 years ago

Heading to greater Chicagoland from Wisconsin for Tues and Weds. Need a list of nurseries, even small vendors/growers who are open to visits. I'm on the look out for dwarf conifers, a few deciduous trees like tri-color birch and forest pansy redbud. Shrub-wise, wanting Thunbergii Ogon Spirea, Blacklace Elderberry and Blue Shadow Fothergilla. As to hostas...omg, anything goes!

I would love to know your favorite place to go...I'm not afraid to drive an extra hour or two, even to Indiana if there's a worthwhile place. I love every kind of nursery...the messy ones, and the pricey ones with all the unique specimens...please lead the way!

I wish I would have thought to post this sooner, as I'm leaving Tues morning, so hopefully someone in the know can help me out today. I will check back Tues & Weds mornings, too, just in case someone finds this while I'm out and about. Plus, I visit the area more than 10x a year, so even later posts will be appreciated.

Like any obsessed hosta fan, I'm willing to go north-south-east-west, off the beaten path....

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