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Mullein Transplanting

17 years ago

Next to my 4x8' bed in my apartment's community garden is a bed with a rhubarb in one half and some mulch/compost in the bare other half. As I'm the only one who did any gardening this year, the rhubarb was on its own except for what I did for it. Well, I was thinking planting one wild mullein plant in the other half of the bed would be kinda neat. I was going to find a seed, but then today I was cutting down some ugly prickly things in the other beds and found a young mullein hiding under the dying weeds.

I plan to let it stay under there for the winter, and transplant it to the rhubarb bed in the spring. Is there anything I need to know? I'm not familiar with the plant enough to know what kind of root system it has, or if they are easy to transplant or what...

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