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Just bought some Xeric type herbs...

13 years ago

I just bought some Mexican Oregano (Poliomintha Longiflora), Mexican Marigold Mint, Lavender Provence and tricolor sage, all pretty xeric type herbs.

I live in Texas just north of Dallas, with forecasted temps this weekend over 100, with no rain in sight. These plants are in 4" pots. My goal will be to plant some in containers and others in the garden.

My questions:

Do you think I should plant them all in containers for now until the scorching heat passes? They are quite root bound. I was thinking perhaps 1 gallon containers until about September? I'm planning a mix of our native soil (sandy loam) and perilite with broken terra cotta in the bottom of the pots for drainage.

If I do that how would you water these herbs? Allow them to dry out between waterings? I recently lost Lavender and sage that were in pots -I think torrential rains then scorching heat fried their roots. I don't want that to happen again. However I'm never very confident of just how often to water my herbs. Does drying out between waterings mean dry for a few hours, dry for a day...when plant looks wilty? What are signs an herb needs water?

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