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Need help trying to germinate old old seed

16 years ago

Just today, my dad gave me a quart jar about 2/3 full of old bean seeds that his mother had saved. She passed away 9 years ago, and I'm not sure how long it had been since she had a garden. My dad got the jar out of his shed, but I don't know where they were kept before that. His sister gave it to him a few years ago.

He told me that she had probably grown these same seeds for 60-70 years. She was 98 when she left this old world.

I would like any and all suggestions of ways to try to get these to germinate. If I could get one, just one, to grow we would be so blessed!

My dad says he 'thinks' they are what they always called 'fall beans'. The seeds are kinda ruddy in color.

Any help would be appreciated. I figure I could try 10 at a time until I get germination or I have total failure. Carolyn, if you're reading this, I would be glad to send some to a bean expert friend of yours (as I'm sure you have, plus I read where you mentioned it in a old post. Or to anyone that has had great success with old bean seeds.

My aunt had also found a jar of white bean seeds, and they planted them all *sigh* and didn't get any germination. But I'm sure they did nothing except pluck them into the ground. I'm more determined than that!

Thanks in advance for any and all help. It would be wonderful to get ONE fresh bean out of this jar!

Carol B

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