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Aerated Compost Tea

Iris GW
17 years ago

I recently read some articles about the concept of feeding your soil to help your plants (versus fertilizing your plants). I suppose this is part of what you'd call organic gardening, although that didn't occur to me right away.

What struck me was how RIGHT the concept sounded. Promote healthy soil, full of micro-organisms that can help nature do what it's supposed to do. Rather than explain it myself, here's a quote from the SoilFoodWeb website:

Compost tea is used to add bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes to the soil or onto foliage. Compost tea also contains soluble nutrients that feed the organisms in the tea and may feed plants. Use compost tea any time organisms in the soil or on the plants are lower than optimum levels. Chemical-based pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and some synthetic fertilizers kill the beneficial microorganisms that encourage plant growth, either in the soil or on foliage. Compost teas improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces and help plants take-up the nutrients they require, and suppress diseases at the same time as building soil structure, and reduce erosion and loss of nutrients into drinking water.

So, I wondered which of you might already be creating Aerated Compost Tea for your garden? What benefits have you seen?

Here is a link that might be useful: Aerated Compost Tea in the Organic FAQ

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