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Yay!!! (maybe?) First Baby Pumpkin! (pic)

15 years ago

Okay so I am a novice container gardener and after an unexpectedly spectacular crop of peppers this summer (beginner's luck I'm sure), I got overconfident and on a whim decided to try Jack-Be-Little miniature pumpkins in containers. What an ego, right!

AFTER I started seeds (quite late in the game, I might add), and put those babies in large containers I did further research and found out that

A). Pumpkins don't like containers

B). Pumpkins don't like the hot humid weather we have in Dallas in August

C). Pumpkins might need help with pollinating if their male and female flowers can't do it on their own


So as I warily expected, my three pumpkin plants have gotten too large for their containers, have suffered from a bout of powdery mildew disease, and have a bunch of flowers that I have no idea which are male and which are female. I had pretty much given up on actually getting any pumpkins from them, figuring I must have gone wrong and anyway it's getting kind of late in the season. In any case, the flowers are pretty.

Imagine my excitement this morning to finally see a tiny baby pumpkin growing on the largest of my plants (right? that's what it is, in the picture, right???) Woohooo!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! Maybe I did something right after all!!! That is, if it survives.

I did learn my lesson about my gardening arrogance, by the way. Well, sort of. My boyfriend and I built our first two Square Foot Garden boxes last weekend and planted some fall vegetables. Again, a little late in the game....hope my beginner's luck holds!!!

Thanks for reading. Gardening is sooooo addicting!!!


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