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Baby female squash dying off

11 years ago

Hi all. I just posted in the veg forum about this problem and then realized there is a forum specific to squashes.

I hope it is ok to post the same problem in a different forum.

I posted last week re squash.

There are no signs of obvious pests. I fed some Organic Neptune seaweed and fish. Yesterday and the day before I noticed most of the baby females are dying before they can blossom. Read through the forums and came across posts re inadequate watering. I am watering by hand and am thinking this is a possibility. I read many use the soaker hoses. Is it to late to put these in the garden?

In the other post someone suggested look for a bloom fertilizer with high potassium. First It seems as though i have plenty of huge healthy blooms every day ... but it is mostly the males.

Second if it does seem like i should try a bloom fertilizer is than an organic one anyone can recommend?



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