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Summer Squash (yellow zucchini) female flowers browning and dying

9 years ago

My yellow zucchini (summer squash) female flower buds are turning brown and wilting before they can even blossom. They havenâÂÂt opened, so I canâÂÂt hand pollinate. Is it a pest that is eating it or is the plant just aborting for some other reason? IâÂÂve had three fruits ripened, which I had hand pollinated already so I know they will open. IâÂÂve noticed a lot of ants in the male flowers, but I thought they helped pollinate? IâÂÂve had a ton of male flowers blossom already, but they seem to blossom way before any of the female flowers are ready. Am I not going to get anymore squashes for this season?

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