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what can live despite mowing? anything?

9 years ago

Help me out, fellow gardeners! I'm looking for a groundcover which won't be killed off by being mowed 2 or 3 times a year. Would lysimachia work? Ajuga?

The situation is that my neighborhood has a number of public areas that are chock full of weeds and overgrown grass, which I want to plant nicer things in. Last year I planted nasturtiums in several places, which were growing and blooming until the local council workers mowed it all down, killed my flowering plants and left the grass and weeds to grow all over the place again. It was so disheartening. I still want to work on it though, so if I could find a groundcover that would keep off the grass and weeds then that would be a start.

Can anyone give me any advice here? I have a "Midnight Sun" lysimachia which is very nice, and 2 types of ajuga I could take pieces from. Would either of these stand up to mowing once in spring, once in summer, and once in early fall?

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