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Any ideas for shade/part shade walkable cover?

13 years ago

I have a flat area I'd like to plant w/ groundcover. Behind it is a hilly/rocky garden with creeping myrtle, light green hostas, and also some golden creeping jenny which I LOVE. I want a light or medium green color for contrast. Flowering and/or scented would be nice but not necessary. It should be "walkable" because some stepping stones go through it, and the bird feeders are there with the traffic that entails. Its mostly shady w/ some sun in the early AM & midday. I am not in a hurry by any means. I have not done a lot of groundcover so I don't know - can you grow from seed? This would be ideal because its a pretty large & spread out area ( about 8' x 12'). Its generally a wet area. Also deer are everywhere out here. Any suggestions?

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