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Native Shade Trees (and understory trees)

14 years ago

So, I have next to no trees. In my back yard are two oaks, one at least 75, the other closer to 40. They are fairly large, but more open and spreading.

We also have a group of three other trees on a neighboring 2nd property, all clustered together: an oak, a pecan and another oak.

I'm planning for fall and winter planting now of various trees, and want to start with some nice shade trees. After hanging out with xAmy (sometimes lurker here) tree covered backyard yesterday, I realize that I need high shade to keep things cooler!!! Plus they are so beautiful. Her back garden is lovely and quirky and fun.

Hoping that y'all can help me with some suggestions! First of all, the first 'Tier' will be all natives of taller growth - I need a mixture of trees: some that can tolerate much drier soils, some that can handle seasonal flooding but also drought.

I'm going to replace the tulip poplar and already have one of it's babies to go in for the fall. Can anyone tell me more about the height (in feet) of mature Shagbark Hickory and also how Chinkapin oak's might favor in these conditions? I would like to add another one or two oaks that are drought tolerant. Will probably also consider another pecan tree or two.

Medium size native trees on the list so far are: Red Bud

Carolina Silverbell (do they re-seed a lot?), Sourwood (*moderate), Chinquapin

Small native trees (treelike shrubs): Grancy Greybeard,

Button Bush, Dogwood, Yapon Holly, Possum Haw Holly

You can see I really need more evergreen trees too, and fur trees for wind breaks, habitat and beauty. I really need to restore some habitat here.

I appreciate all your help. I'm not that much up on trees but am trying!


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