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'Lady in Red' hydrangea in Metro Atlanta?

14 years ago

i swore i saw several of these just a couple of weeks ago, i just can't figure out if it was @ Pikes (Roswell Rd.), Lowes, Home Depot or Village Hardware in EAV.

went to buy two of them yesterday and hit all of the aforementioned places only to find zilch. the guy @ HD on Ponce i'd talked to said they had more hydrangeas coming soon, but possibly no Lady in Red. the guy i spoke with @ Lowes said it was too early, they hadn't rec'd any yet this year (which is weird, i think this is where i saw them!) i believe the person manning the garden area @ VH was assisting another customer somewhere else in the store, so i couldn't ask. we haven't made it to Pikes in a few weeks, and it was too far out for us to make the trek.

basically, we are looking to get two Lady in Red to replace a two variegated-leaf hydrangeas we planted fall of '06 that were a serious letdown....they never get more than 12" tall, die to the ground every year (literally, the old wood was dead and didn't have new growth all of '07 or spring '08) and they never flowered. the weird part is we have a couple of repeat-blooming non-variegated hydrangeas in the same bed less than three feet away, same pH, same sunlight, etc, and those are doing fabulous...odd!

anyway, i'll toss some photos out as well because my back is killing me after Memorial Day - spent 9 hours yesterday cutting out 120sq ft. of "fescue weed" (grass) from the yard and replaced with 7 daylillies, 3 daisy gardenias, 7 coreopsis 'nana', and 3 salvias (i forget which). the daylillies are only going to get part sun where they are, but we have some under an oak tree nearby that bloom well without full sun, so we're expecting approximately the same in this case.

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