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Please help me with my English Ivy problem. I'm at my wits end :(

13 years ago

Our backyard is being invade by English Ivy from our neighbor's yard. It is absolutely terrible. One area of the yard looks like nothing but English Ivy. It's climbing over our fence and up the trees. A gentleman at Home Depot told me buy this concentrated bottle that he said was like a generic Roundup. I bought it, mixed it, sprayed it on the ivy, but I don't see any changes. In a few areas a few leaves seem to be turning yellow, but that's about it. It's been over a week and half.

Should I go back and buy a bottle of Concentrated RoundUp? I've heard people mix dish washing detergent into it? What exactly should I mix with it and how much?

I know pulling it up would be best, but there are areas I can't even get to, and quite frankly, I'm scared of what could be hiding in those places.

I would love advice from people who've had a similar problem and were able to get rid of the English Ivy.

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