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a few more blooms today.....---------------------- :)

10 years ago

the first pic is a little seedling I think I posted the same one last year, nothing new but pretty shades of light yellow and dark red if you like those combos (they're not my favorite, ha, but anyway). and the second one is a seedling that had some interesting colorations mixed around, but I'll have to wait to see if it stays consistently...

last bloom today on the green throat seedling, sepals aren't showing as much as the last time it bloomed. next one is Siloam Dean Reusser nice full flower with lots of blend of colors (of course I'm super biased to this one!), and the last one is Banana Cream Cupcake.. which has nice branching and budcount, yet I like a really fuller double with more 'fluff' in the middle. This one I have as part of the plants for members program for our club, so I'll be taking it back this fall for auction and MAYBE keep one fan. ha

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