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freak cold snap & unprotected tree

16 years ago

I'm sort of embarrassed about this, because it is December and I haven't gotten around to wrapping my fig, but usually the coastal area I live in stays warmer than this. I planted my first fig tree this Fall (Celeste) and it just has regular mulch right now. We got our first snow of the season yesterday and just now the temperature has dropped to 14F/-10C. (Not predicted--they said it would stay around freezing). The ground isn't frozen because the weather was temperate until this cold snap. I'm sure no one is up at this hour, but I'm looking for recommendations. Celeste is supposed to be fine through zone 7, but after reading about the intricate wrapping some of you folks do, I'm wondering if I've screwed this one up, before even having a harvest. Is it the root zone that is the more important to protect (it's got a layer of snow, at least), or the trunk? I was going to wrap it in burlap. I'm tempted to run out to the back field in my jammies and wrap it in a blanket, but I don't know if that would make any difference when it's already this cold. Thanks guys.

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