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The Land Called Honalee aka The Garden of Angels aka This Old H

For those who are curious this is part of the story behind the Land Called Honalee. I have a very large ,old city lot up here in the frozen north and have dug up all kinds of turf cause I really don't like cutting grass. I haven't really taken too many pics of things since I didn't have much access to a camera till a couple of summers ago. That and I am so self conscious of my gardens not being picture perfect. Last year was a really bad year for me and my back garden got over run with thistles. I will get at it in the next few weeks and do my best to clear them out. Most of my gardens, as I may have said before, are what I would consider growing beds till we decide what we are going to do with this property. This is the house I grew up in and it is ready to be torn down. The dirt is older than the house and probably in worse condition. I have helped my dad in this yard since I was a little girl and probably played on every square inch of this property, pretending I had a farm or was Puff the Magic Dragon or that I was a horse........

So I have no really formal gardens as yet but a lot of plant material that I try not to kill. Grains, grasses and sunflowers are directly sewn for the most part. Didn't do anything this year since I had a few other obligations. Dad went into a nursing home after brain surgery and I had a litter of puppies in the spring and I am trying to clear things up around here in prep. for the inevitable.

I have over 200 peonies in the back garden and well over 500 irises all over the yard. You have seen the pot ghetto which is part of the back yard, that is my latest addiction and they will be planted in the front yard where my husband is destroying the lawn. At the worst, I will have to move quite a few plants from around the house when this place comes down but hopefully not all in one weekend!

This lot is 75 x 155 with a small house and garage. The rest is trees, and dirt. Dad planted this garden in the picture for many years until I came here in 2004 and this was it in 05 before planting vegies. It is now in peonies, irises, DLs, poppies, ect. ect. and what I call the back 40. That fence was built in 1967! :)

I'll try and take some pics of things if anyone is interested. I think it is all kinda disorganized at this time but so is my world. I'm just grateful I can dig in the dirt! :)

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