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I think I have my daylilies in too much shade

14 years ago

My one in front has one scape, new last year and dogs, kids in contraptions, and passersby, probably too close to the sidewalk, the leaves are ratty but healthy green. All my neighbor's have lots of scapes on them, and one is under a tree that is now pretty big and shady there, but does have southern exposure. I think some may do better in shade than others.

No sign of any scapes on the others I planted last fall, leaves look a little straplike and not like other lilies are now around here but otherwise appear healthy. Might they just be a little late?

I get confused when it says part shade. I know it doesn't mean total shade, but part sun is a pretty wide range. Finally I was told by a salesman at Wild's that they need 6 hours of sun. They don't get that but a little morning and afternoon sun, not much. Anyway, if I have to move these, can I do it in the spring? I don't have a good spot, now anyway, to move them to and want to keep them if I can. If I do move them in the spring, will I lose next year's blooms?

I've got 3 more coming, don't know where to put those either, different kind. I would rather not clutter up the rose beds with them because when they do get going, they get pretty thick. I don't see much evidence that people around here divide them, just let them grow on for years.

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