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Trip to Oakes Daylilies' Bloom Festival

10 years ago

Yesterday and today Oake's had their bloom festival! It seemed like 90% of their plants were blooming and it was a georgeous day to be outside! For attending the free fesitival everyone received a free daylily to take home (either Leebea Orange Crush or Trahlyta...of course my husband and I both pulled Orange I'll share the duplicate with a friend).

I ended up with 7 daylilies:

3/$15 bare root and each had 4-6 large fans!!)
Dancing Lions
Frankly Scarlet

3/$25 bare root
Holly Dancer
Olympic Gold
Red Volunteer

Potted $7.95
Real Wind

Below are some pictures (I wish I would have photographed all of their names, but I didn't think to until we were halfway around the gardens)


Free Wheelin

Spellbound Spring

Hayride around the farm with the owner

Prince of Purple (Love this one!!!)

Indian Giver on the left (I don't know the name of the other)

Mount Helena

Red Vols

Imperial Impression

Compliment Magnet

?? But I love it!!!

Drop Dean Georgeous

Wizard at Large

Southwestern Memories

Black Gum



Orange Vols

??love it...wish I remembered the name!!


Creepy Crawler


Might be Little Grapette??

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