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What colors would you add?

14 years ago

I've ended up with a garden full of magenta and purple, but I continue to have problems getting white or yellow into my front garden for contrast.

I've recently started white swan echinacea, but I'm not sure it's going to look that good. I've put them close to the ruby star coneflowers, agastache blue fortune and nepeta.

I really love the 'golden goblin' gaillardia, but I have to use it at the top edge (with coreopsis) because of height issues.

I had planted yellow coneflowers (Harvest Moon), but those didn't make it. I need something that's not a prima donna designer plant!

Here are the challenges, as the plants must be:

deer resistant

drought resistant

rabbit resistant

take full sun in zone 7

tall (at least 3 feet high) to not be shaded out as the garden slopes downhill


Close up of main color scheme, though I have more blues (buddleia, salvia and agastache) at the other side of the garden. There are some caryopteris in this mix that aren't in bloom yet.

I just feel like I need to add some "light" to the garden, but maybe it's just that I'm tired of looking at the same colors all the time! I'd be fine with adding the "light" with foliage. I'm trying Russian sage, but I don't know if the slope is already too shady for it. LOL


In my butterfly garden, where height isn't an issue (yet), I'm growing:

gaillardia (golden goblin, burgundy and generic)



orange cosmos (deer and rabbits are ignoring so far), crackerjack marigolds


Any ideas? Annuals are fine as long as they are tall enough. I can't use orange in the front garden, but yellow, white, and silver are possible options. Maybe I'm just obsessing too much!



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