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This year's major project - before and after

12 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited about our project this year that I had to share photos. We purchased this house not quite 5 years ago, and have been tacking an indoor and outdoor project every year.

My DH and I (mostly DH) put in some stone paths and a patio this spring. Finally, I feel we are making real progress towards my vision for the garden.

We are on a small city lot (50 x 100) and have to accomodate a lot in our yard, so it's not as delux as some of your wonderful properties. But we are fortunate to be on a natural greenway which contributes borrowed views.

Here is what I used to see when I looked out my back door:


Here's another shot of our backyard before:


And here's what I see now!


Here are a couple more shots of the yard showing the kids area (the playhouse ended up being MUCH larger than my husband initially promised) and a glimpse of our little "potager".



Here's the wonderful new view from the master bedroom window of our humble little bungalow:


Next year, I'd like to add a low split rail fence around the potager with apples espaliered along its length. I'm thinking 3' tall. Saw this at the UBC Botanical Gardens and it looks so wonderful.

I'm so thrilled to see things finally starting to come together but also afraid to screw up my lovely new planting bed. Any ideas?


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