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I brought my potted Brown Turkey fig tree up from the basement

13 years ago

I received advice from several people on this forum last fall about my fig tree which has been potted for several years. I always overwintered it in the house (we live upstate NY, zone 5) and it never had a chance to go dormant. After following your advice, it did go dormant during the winter in our basement.

We had a warm streak last week and and temps 85 degrees F for a few days. The tree was budding out (there are some windows in the basement for a light source), so we brought it upstairs and put it on the porch. The days and nights have gotten cooler now but are above feezing. Some new leaves are developing on the branches, and they look pretty healthy.

I gave the potting soil a half cup of organic fertilizer that I bought at home depot, and a little vermicompost.

So, I want to thank you for the good advice on letting it go dormant!

My question now is, if we are about to have a night where the temp goes down to 32 degrees F or lower, should I cover the tree with a sheet or something to prevent damage to the new growth, or can it take some cold weather? The tree is small, about three feet tall, but is growing low to the soil with curved branches.

P.S. I love this forum!


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