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Fig tree huge cracks/splits in bark

9 years ago

I have a very sick fig tree that I am afraid is dying or possible already dead. I will upload pictures later today but I as so worried about it I thought I would seek some advise and possible answers. It is a large fig tree about 15ft high by 20-25ft span and was on the property of the house I bought in 2007 and was very vibrant with huge green leaves every year and a strong producer of sweet figs that were about 2-3 inches in diameter. I cant say exactly what type of fig tree it is since I never planted it. I am in central Texas zone 8a. I image this tree has been here for over 20 years.
Never had a problem with it producing or putting out new leaves every year and seemed like it grew out every year. Last winter I had to do some pretty good pruning, to keep the limbs off the ground and from hitting the car in the driveway. It was a good amount to shape the tree but not excessive. That spring it put out as normal and did bear fruit...although I did notice it was not as much as usual.
Winter came, it lost its leaves as normal, and about 3 weeks ago I went to do some clean up pruning before spring and noticed that the snipers seemed to brake them off instead of cut (as if the end limbs were completely dry and dead). Then I noticed that all over the main trunk and almost every major limb there are huge cracks/splits in the them. Parallel with the limbs (longways) and they are pretty major. Almost 3/4-1" deep in a 5" branch.
It looks as if the tree just was sucked out of ALL its moisture and is now dry/dead and cracked. Branches snap off and don't have any flexibility. I don't understand how this could happen so fast. I rarely water it because it has been here for so many years and was never watered in the past but on occasion in the heat of summer and drought we experienced in Texas over the past couple of years I did do some deep watering a few times.
Did this happen because of lack of watering? Or sunscald since I pruned it back the year before?
I am very sad because this tree was the pride of my property.
Any help would be appreciated.

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