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Lupines from White Flower Farm

12 years ago

I saw these gorgeous things at a local nursery today. Not one of my usual stops so that might be why I have not seen them before. They all have White Flower Farm labels as the grower.

It has been years since I had Lupines in my garden but I couldn't pass these up. They have such beautiful colors. I bought POPSICKLE RED but they had lots of colors and they all started with the word Popsickle.

The Description said these are dense and stocky with flowers tightly packed along thick upright stems. 13-16 inches tall. Flowers from June until mid July. Of course, they are starting to flower now.

You just had to see the colors, the colors were so vivid and striking. Guess you figgured out I really liked the striking colors LOL!!!!

I knew when I saw them I had just the perfect spot. I bought two and they are already planted. Will post pics later.

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