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How often do you/have you revamped your beds?

Is it a regular event to re-do your gardens every few years? Do you get borded with how things look and change them, or change when you feel something doesn't look "right" to you?

If a bed doesn't look right, do you tend to overhaul the whole thing at once and start fresh, or move a few things you are specifically unhappy with and go from there? Or a bit of both depending on the situation?


Mostly I do little changes, moving things in an out of areas I am unhappy with. Although, once the ball gets rolling with one move a lot of other things seem to need shifting around too, lol. Last year I did do some major revamping. The front sunny side garden was bothering me, especially come summer when everything got so jaded and faded. So I took out most of the perennials in anticipation of putting in all veggies, herbs, and annuals this spring.

An area of the back garden was looking bad too, since I hadn't done very much since taking out the apple tree a couple years ago. I was at a loss as to what to do with such a large area and how to lay it out since there was established things further I put a pathway in to divide up the beds and make it easier to plant. Then I moved a whole buch of things around the path etc. etc.

Yesterday I revamped the back shade garden by putting in stepping stones (since it was so hard to get around there without stepping on something!), and took out some of the ground covers that just wern't doing it for me. Next area to improve is the area by the side of the fence! Need to get a few things out of there that arn't doing much and put things in with more structure.

How about you guys? How often do you revamp your beds and change it up? How long has it been since your last major re-do? What improvements have you done lately?


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