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WANTED: Santa's Helper

16 years ago

Hi All,

Thought I would be the one to throw this out there this year. How about a Santa's Helper Swap ?

Rules are: You can post up to 5 different types of seeds that you wish Santa would bring you . If someone has those seeds, they will contact you for your address ( so you will need to have your email active here ) and send them off to you (a sort of surprise for Christmas )We will have to get this ball rolling fairly quickly in order for the seeds to reach their destinations before Christmas .

I will start with my list:

Dear Santa , I would love to have the following seeds for Xmas

Hemerocallis seeds (daylily)

Cosmos Seashells

Liatris Spicata

Leonotis leonurus


I have tried hard to be a good girl this year and if you have some in your pack I would love to try them in my gardens this coming year .....Thank you


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