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have: ge wanted/have-to-trade list

14 years ago

~~Wish List


Western Red Cedar seedlings. As many as I can get.

~~Veggie Seeds/starts

(Leftover seed packs from 2008 season are fine)

Slicing cucumber

Ornamental Gourds

Yellow Summer Squash (bush type)

Zuchinni (bush)

Shallot bulbs

Fennel (eating type)

Garlic (any)


Athyrium niponicum Japanese Painted Ferns

Heuchera Any

Hostas Any

Penstemon Any, but especially reds

Paeonia Peonies Any

~~Have to trade:


Aconitum, monkshood dark purple, 1 gal

Aquilegia, columbine  star shaped flowers, purple-pink, br

Alstroemeria, pink, 1gal

Anthryscus sylvestrus ÂravenÂs wing", br

Aster nova angliae, New England Aster, blue, br

Aster ??, 3Â light blue, br

Campanula (biennial) Canterbury Bells, br

Cape Fuchsia  yellow, 7 gal

Crazy Daisy, shredded white flower, 1 gal

Echinops rito  globethistle, br

Eupatorium ÂgatewayÂ, (from seed; not sure if it will be true.) 4"

Geranium pink, 18", br

Helianthus x multiflorus Âlemon queenÂ, br

Heliopsis helianthoides  1 gal

Horse Radish root cuttings

Hosta 2-yr old seedlings  br

Jack-in-the-pulpit corms

LadyÂs mantle  1 gal

Ligularia dentate  4"

Lychnis Chalcedonia  1 gal

Lysimachia clethroides, gooseneck loostrife, br

Mondarda dydima  red beebalm, br

Monarda dydima Âjacob cline magenta beebalm, br

Phlox paniculata, garden phlox, various colors, heights, bloom times, br

Physalis, Chinese lanterns, br stolons

Rudbeckia subtomentosa, sweet brown eyed susan, br

Sedum ÂAutumn Joy br

Sedums various creeping forms, br

Semperviviums, Hens & Chicks, various, br

Thalyctrum aquelilgifolium, 4"

Thalyctrum delavie, 4"

Thalyctrum rochebrunnianum, 4"


Brugmansia  yellow, white, pink

Dahlia tubers

Dwarf papyrus  cyperus papyrus isocladus

Umbella plant  cyperus alternifolius

~~Trees / Shrubs

Paper Birch  5 gal

Yellow Cedar  7 gal

Port Orford Cedar (blue foliage) Â 7 gal

Rose, grow for 10Â wicked thick thorny canes and hips, small white flowers

Highbush cranberry, 1gal

Styrax japonica, Japanese Snowberry  bareroot

Marion Berry  double size blackberry hybrid  7 gal

Cornus controversa (Giant Dogwood) Â bareroot

Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry) br

Virginia Creeper  scarlet fall foliage, climbs Doug Firs, but wonÂt kill them. 1 & 7 gal

Mystery tree. Compound leaf like black walnut. (but not a black walnut) 7 gal

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