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Updated trade list and want list, have jewelry to trade too :)

Here is some pics of the jewelry up for trade.





Ask any questions. I have some really pretty pieces. I will ship the jewelry in a bubble envelope. If you are interested in multiple pieces, you must have a decent amount of seeds I'm intrested in. Just an example; The pottery studs, cost me $12-$15 each. Some of this stuff was just recently bought and other things I've had for a bit. The only true costume piece is the hello kitty earrings, everything else is sterling silver, post or setting/mounting. There are 2 pairs of 14kt WG earrings in this lot too. I also have 2 pairs of


These are solid silver beads, faceted. 4mm big. Handmade. I buy alot fromm Etsy for jewelry, to only realize, I rarely wear my jewelry.


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