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Spring in the Mid-Atlantic

12 years ago

Today we went to early service and after that was- believe it or not- the vry first time I'd had a chance to get the camera out this season. The time wasn't best for pictures, as it was about 10 AM with bright sun, but here are a few shots around the yard and garden on April 4th. I've been trying to get the garden mulched for almost two weeks - weather wasn't very cooperative until this past Thursday, and I've worked like a dog for the past three days. Am still not quite finished - have about 5% to go but am determined to finish tomorrow.

The daffodils were at their best about a week ago. A few days of hot dry weather haven't been kind. This is part of the back area this AM.


Back spidery area - just a week ago, the large lavender azalea got half frozen!


The weeping cherry out front - I had to stand back a bit to get the entire top but it had been "hindered" until this year by a neighbor's large pear tree. ( She finally cut it down.)


The grape hyacinths grow under the daffodils out front.


This is a teeny tiny hosta ( miniature) and the leaves are only about 1/8" in size now. I love how the foliage looks as it emerges. 'Lemon Lime.'


Flowering Almond shrubs out back are just opening:


Light was too bright to get decent pictures but here are a few daffodils. I prefer and grow mostly those with the pink coronas. I love how they change color as the blooms age.



Salome ( coronas change from golden to pink as blooms age.)



A big clump of 'Papillion' daffodils with split coronas.


Believe it or not, there are daylilies here in between the daffodils and Pink Impression tulips.


This is a late white double daffodil. I love it, but it really doesn't look like a daffodil. Sometimes the blooms are so huge that the stems can't support the weight.


A big pot of pansies out front. There were two identical pots until the deer visited last week ( but they are starting to grow back.)


Last shot - this is a bed of miniature daylilies. You can tell the evergreens as some of the emerging foliage still looks icky. I love the bright golden foliage of Agastache

'Golden Jubilee.' It smells minty and has blue spiky blooms in the summer. Great companion plant!


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