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How can I determine Sea Buckthorn sex without looking at flowers?

17 years ago

I have ten mature(5 years old) Sea Buckthorn bushes that I just got from a not very professional nursery. The bushes are 5 feet tall. The nursery knew nothing about the sex of the bushes. They ordered them bareroot 5 years ago and had them growing in their pots ever since. A couple of bushes have very few berries and berries had no seeds inside. So my guess is they are female but haven't been polinated properly. I am afraid to plant all of them in the ground and later find out that I have no male plants among my 10 bushes. I would hate to order an immature male and wait 4 years for him to develop enough to polinate the females.

Can I tell the sex of the Sea Berry plant without knowing what the flowers look like?

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