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Spring Is Fast Approaching...and I'm Tired!

12 years ago

I have been busily cleaning my garden. I'm not through, but I made great strides this week. and blooms are gladdening my heart.

The Tulip Tree: This tree blooms at least 3 times a year...but it will be leafed out the other times:


The Iris beds are a lot more work than daylilies. Because I live in the south, they will rot if leaves (even their own) are let stay on them. I have already done one major and one minor cleaning in the iris beds. The two big beds are past my main daylily bed:


You can see the newest iris bed, but you can also see this butterfly garden still has a lot of work to go. The Daylilies have been weeded and old foliage removed, but a lot is still to be done. The cobalt blue bird bath is left on its side until spring is in full swing to avoid freezing and breaking...the saucer is in the greenhouse. There are three daylily sections in this bed.

The daylily bed you can barely see in the foreground has had a lot of the foliage and leaves removed, but it has more work to be done. It will also get Preened. I had planned to put alfalfa meal on it, but a "gullywasher" rain is forecast, so I'll do that Sunday.


Hyacinths are my first bloomer, and I love the fragrance. These have been repeating for about 4 years now, but the voles got a lot of them, so I will be adding hyacinths this fall.


I managed to spend about six hours in the gardens yesterday. I am tired! So, how is your clean-upcoming, and what's "up" in your garden?


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