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Best flowers for pressing?

16 years ago

Hi all,

I regularly post on the Florida Gardening forum but am new to this one. I'm a novice at pressing and have learned so much by reading through earlier posts here this morning! Wow! Thanks to everyone who has posted in the past several months, I think I have a pretty good idea how to get started.

My questions are:

- Is there a special trick to pressing large flowers, like hibiscus?

- Are some flowers just not suitable for pressing, like coneflowers with the large center cone?

- For spire-type flowers with petals on all 4 sides, like Cats Whiskers for example, do you remove some of the back-side petals before pressing?

- If I want to do some very thin slices of citrus fruit, would it be better to pick it before it's ripe so it's dryer or do fruits not work at all?



White Coneflower and a white Cat's Whiskers


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