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Remember Your Very First Plant?

16 years ago

Do you remember your very first plant? If so share it with me. I would like to know if it was sentimental and if you still have it, and if so how long have you been having it. I think this is pretty cool so I'll start. My very first plant was a Calla that I bought from Lowe's. I was so excited about it! It's 5 yrs. old b/c I got it in '03. I couldn't wait to get it home and plant it because that's when I was just beginning as a gardener. It's planted at my mom's house. Unfortunately it's not in it's fullness of glory to have it's picture posted. However, once she really "wakes up" I'll post her. Just thought I'd share this with my garden fam. and I look forward to hearing about your very first plant!!!

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