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Germinateing old seeds

16 years ago

I have a question about germinateing old seeds.My neighbor moved here and gave me some daylilly seeds from her garden from where she moved from,they had been in cold storage. I placed back in fridge& that fall planned to winter sow them. I lost the baggie.I just cleaned my postage box up and organized it and found the missing seeds from 3 years ago. seeds are individual candy wrappers ,folded and taped then all wrappers are in ziplock bag one of the heavier types inside a yellow envelope.

so can I just winter sow these in 4 inch pots ? And when they get old enough put out in a planting bed or tub?

oh.mild climate here.we don't stay below freezeing longer than 6 hours and not many days like that.lots of times we're in 40-50s at night and 60-70s daytime unless a cold front comes thru and wrecks today.hi in 40s,rain...good wintersowing 8b sE Tx coastal

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