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Pics of Meyer Lemon, can anyone help?

7 years ago

I would very much appreciate some help or insight into this "Meyer" lemon which I purchased from Lowes at least a few years ago, maybe as many as lose track..

No experience with citrus and learning, but the history of the tree is that it sits outside all summer getting pruned in the spring, fed all summer and allowed to go slightly dormant in the winter, pruned again, then moving it back inside by the woodstove where it eventually blooms like crazy around January. Very few fruits ultimately "make" even though I hit it with a handful of 12-12-12 every few weeks and even went to the length to hand pollinate (which I understand now was unnecessary).

The ones that do make taste and look like lemons. They don't have excessive seeds. But we're talking about a tree I've had for five years and I drank up the whole crop in one night of tequilla on the porch !

So here I ask for help with two questions. One: Is the middle trunk of the three the "lemon"? Which it now almost looks dead but not completely. It almost looks like a graft line sorry my camera not better. If it is, and the two side trunks are something else, what are they? Can the roostock be identified by the leaf? (pictures of leafs are the new growth sprouting after the dormant/near dormant stage that it's used to each fall). Would the rootstock tree survive Missouri winters outside. I hate to trash or waste the tree we go way back.

If I cut the side trunks off will the middle meyer grow back? Thank for any help.

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