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Help with gifted Holiday cactus

14 years ago


I've read a lot of the posts about holiday cactus on the forum, but I still need a little bit of help.

Yesterday my mom finally gave u the ghost of raising her now 2 year old Christmas/Holiday she gave it to me. lol

Two years ago it was a sight to behold indeed! It was lush and full, with a beautiful flush of gorgeous red blooms.

That is the last time it bloomed, and it has been thinning out ever since. It's gone from needing it' 8 inch maybe being able to fill out a nice 4 inch pot.

I would like to reot it, it has no bud at it won't effect anything like that.

The soil in the pot now it the same mix from when she purchased the looks to be a heavy eat mix with traces of erlite mixed it...but, mostly peat.

It has a funky smell, and eveything on the surface is kinda orange looking.

I picked out all the dead leaves, and dead branches.

How would I go about getting all of this soil off the roots without hurting them, and would reotting it now be my best solution?

It's in wet soil now.....I laced it in my sunny kitchen window....and now i'm just trying to brainstorm the best thing to do with it. I don't want it to die, it was a beautiful plant.

Any help is greatly appreciated and accepted!

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