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Saran method - Finally got them to winter over! How did you do?

16 years ago

This is about the 4th season of trying to save tubbers. Thanks to the photos and detailed expentation of the saran wrap method (big thank you!) - I tried it and out of the 25 I wrapped about 20 of them look good (not mushy or moldy) I did lose about 5 due to mold though. And I can't figure out why. I did them all at the same time, they were even in the same bag in the same location! Go figure Not the 99% sucess rate I read about BUT at least this season I have some tubers to start with! So happy. Just curious... How did everyone else do?

I am potting them up this week. Am I correct to start them in shallow dirt and add more soil as they start sproting? I think I read that somewhere but don't see anything about that now

Thank you and happy gardening!

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