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Japanese painted ferns

15 years ago


I have a spot along my foundation that I would like to put some shade plants, perennials, hopefully something that may spread enough I wouldnt' have to weed much once established. I LOVE the Japanese Painted Ferns, I see there are different types. This area would receive some morning sun, but from about 11am on would be in the shade. I am also not worried about anything taking over in that area, as it is along a sidewalk. Should these be planted in the spring? I have heard that fall planting is quite common, but not sure about these. Also, do they look brilliant with their colors all season? And...could other perennials be planted with them, say lilies of the valley? Can they be intermixed? I am also looking at "Lady in Red Fern", I am aware it could take 3 seasons to acquire the stem color, that's ok. I just need something in that spot! I have been planting impatiens there the past three years, but I really would like to plant something and not have to replant every year! I was even thinking of creeping wintergreen....but I do like these ferns. I need something there! Thanks for any input!


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