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Oh Please say it isn't so

15 years ago

Please tell me it's not me ya'll are upset with!

First: As a newbie let me say THANK YOU to everyone who has been kind enough to share your cuttings and knowledge with me.I can't wait to see each of your little jewels bloom and grace my home and gardens.

Second: I personally owe at least a couple of people here a Thank YOU but I don't know their user name. That and the fact that I erased my emails last week. So now I don't even have their emails address. As an older person it is very difficult to keep up with things on here. So I pray that if I am one of the people you are upset with over not receiving a Thank You you will accept my sincere apology. I cringe every time I see that someone is upset because someone didn't thank them. My first thought is you big dummy it's probably you. Once again I apologize for my short commings.I do try to even send a Thank You card a short time after receiving cuttings/plants.

Only me and the good Lord up above knows how thankful I am for my new friends here and how much I appreciate their sharing not only their plants but their time with me.

Third: What about reminders - like a short note- Hey did you get the package of so and so and how did it look when you got it? This is just a gentle way to hit someone like me over the head and jog their memory.

Fourth: I don't think it's WRONG to ask someone if they can take another form of payment. The worst thing that can happen is them say no. That doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. I've bid on several Brugs on Ebay but had to ask the vendor about other payment methods. Nearly everyone of them I've talked to would take a money order or a cashier check. So I was able to purchase a Brug that I would have had to pass up simply because I do not have nor will I ever have PayPal.

If I owe anyone a Thank You please send me an email and knock me upside the head so I can respond. Please be sure to put your name and user name in the email or I'll probably still not know who I'm talking to. (grin)

I want everyone on this site to know how much I enjoy this Brugmansia Forum. This is the first thing I check everyday when I'm at home and the last thing before I go to bed.

It just seems to me that the people that post on this site are so down to earth and easy to talk to it's amazing.

Happy Gardening and Brugging Ya'll, Marian

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