Satsuma Orange tree - blossoms all drop...why??

8 years ago

Hi, I live in southern California and I have a question about my Semi-dwarf Satsuma Orange tree. The tree itself is growing pretty well with new growth, some of the leaves are a little yellowish, but overall I think the tree is healthy. The past few weeks there was new blossoms, probably about 30 of them. I was excited thinking there might be a lot of fruit this year. It seems for the majority of them, the little fruit developing in the blossom is turning yellow and falling to the ground! The same thing happened last year, and there was only ONE fruit last year that actually developed and grew. Of the 30 blossoms/little fruit, I think there is only probably 7 left or less and at the rate they're turning yellow and dropping off, i woudln't be surprised if they all fell off. Any idea whatâÂÂs going on with this tree and why all the âÂÂfruitâ keeps turning yellow and dropping off? Thanks.

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