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How do I move Christmas Cactus outside?

17 years ago

I have just moved back to CA from Utah and brought with me my pathetic Christmas (actually it's a Thanksgiving one) cactus. I really wasn't very good to it (it sat indoors), but it doesn't die. I would like to treat it right now, and think moving it outside is probably best (when it's inside I mess with it too much).

I live in the Inland Empire - gets up to 100+ most of the summer (lately somewhere around 95ish). I heard that I'm suppost to introduce it outside gradually...especially since it's been in a house that is no hotter than 80. But, I also heard that it's not suppost to be moved much. I put it on the porch tonight, it's suppost to be 90 tomorrow. Does gradually mean leaving it outside for longer and longer periods but bringing back inside the rest of the time?

Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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