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Question about type 2 Clematis in NC

16 years ago

I've purchased some new clematis so I've been reading up on them. And now, I am confused?? All of the new clematis are type two. The information I've run across is confusing. I already have two Dr. Ruppels that I've never cut back. My type two Dr. Ruppels have had their magnificent flush of blooms and are now putting out one or two here and there. I did deadhead them (never did that before either). Would they benefit from being cut back? And if so how far back. Anything other then pretty close to the ground would be kind of difficult in that they are wrapped around two obelisk. I haven't cut them back at all in three years, so they are BIG. (nckvilledudes, I'm hoping you'll lend your experience)

Thank you everyone.

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