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Don't you hate it when this happens.

14 years ago

You wait anxiously for a brug to bloom, only to be disappointed because it doesn't look like what it was suppose to be. And especially when you pay good money for it. It doesn't look like the pictures of it that I have seen on the web.

I planted a cutting of what I thought was "Pink Beauty", but it doesn't look like that. At least to me it doesn't. The bloom is a very pale pink color, I thought it should be darker pink. Also the flower's shape doesn't look the same. I don't detect any fragrance.

Otherwise it is very healthy and growing well. It had the fastest most vigorous upright growth of all the 4 that I planted there. And it is the tallest with the most blooms.

Would the fact that it is in a very sunny warm spot change the color and make it lighter?




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