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Happy Canada Day; However, I think my Aloe FAQ was pooched

Take a look at the FAQ about Aloes, with I shamelessly extol to all newbies as the perfect start for your ride with these great plants - it seems to have been modified to include erroneous, misleading and otherwise DEAD WRONG information. I'm sure I didn't write this load of hogwash in the current edition:

' even a home-made concoction of 1/3 sand, 1/3 soil, and 1/3 pumice/gravel is better than straight potting soil.'

There are other instances in the current FAQ which don't ring true for my Gangnam Style of writing, but I am capable of disremembering.

If it was changed (which, of course, is within IVillage's rights), it was discourteous to say the least to not at least ask me if the edited version was correct, but that's just ego talking. What gets me in high dudgeon is that soil recipe. It's almost as bad as that other one that people proselytize about.......I'll shut up.

Is there any way of getting a screen capture of what it was several years ago? I might be all wet about this, but I'm sure that the current balderdash isn't my balderdash.



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