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Root Bound Senecio jacobsenii?

11 years ago

Hello all,

I'm new here. A few weeks ago I bought what appears to be a lovely Senecio jacobsenii. I've had it hanging in indirect sunlight (across the room from a South sun window) but underneath a tall floor lamp we use some nights. I took it down to water it today because some of the leaves were looking unhealthy after it was flourishing for several weeks and noticed that the soil was still damp and that some new growth leaves closest to the soil were turning to mush. I gave it a light sprinkling with water before googling around and finding this place. :)

I'm in the process of buying a beautiful macrame plant hanger so I'd like to know if this sounds like my newly purchased plant sounds as if it might be root bound. It came to me in a very small pot and I haven't transplanted it because it had appeared to be so healthy for a few weeks. But now I'm wondering...

I bought it from a well-respected garden store but I have no clue if it's been planted in a sandy enough (i.e. succulent potting mix) soil.

So here are my questions: does it sound like it's root bound and if so, how do I transplant it without the very delicate leaves all falling off? Do I just use a normal succulent mix I can buy at the store? Do I ever need to fertilize it and if so, what with?

Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing back with some advice.

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