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Cut back my large jade

12 years ago

So my large jade (about 3.5' tall, 4.5' around) was starting to look very sad (see photos). Branches were falling off, and the new growth was very spindly. I've had it for about 2 years. The first year, it was very happy in our sunny kitchen. Then we got new windows that block out lots of things that are beneficial for plant growth (not sure of scientific wording, ha).

I was told by a local jade expert to just cut it back, repot it and start fresh. So far, I have cut it back (see photo). Now it will be a lot easier to repot. However, I am looking for some advice on repotting. I am going to buy well draining soil today, and I also have a large amount of turface. Is there anything else I should do before/while I repot? I want to ensure that it will be happier! I will be placing it outdoors and controlling the amount of sun it gets.

Also, as you can see, I have made many cuttings (see photo). Should I just put root powder on them, and let them be for awhile (how long?)? Ive made large cuttings on this in the past, and they have all died. In the past, I put rooting powder on, then stuck them in soil after 3 days, and didnt water until I saw new growth. After a few months, they had all died.

Please let me know your overall advice on this process. I have only been working with succulents for a few years and still have a lot to learn.

Thanks so much!





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