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The year of the spontaneous seedlings!

11 years ago

Last fall I posted about a seedling of Nicotiana sylvestris that grew from a seed that fell...... 10?? years back when I last grew it. It came up in just the right spot, no need to move it. When in bloom at full size, it is a stunning plant that turns heads.

Anyway, this spring I've spotted seedlings from other plants I grew around that time -- again, 10 or so (!!) years ago.

* Geranium 'Silver Sugar Plum' (don't Google it if you are at work or the kids are around, LOL).

* Lobelia (the common blue annual), several seedlings growing at just the perfect spacing so I probably don't need to thin a single one.

* White Pentas, growing at the very edge of a large lava rock (I potted up this baby to save it and plant elsewhere).

Oh, there's also a Sweet Pea vine at the edge of the patio, about 20 feet from where I planted the original seeds in 2000/2001. Every year, a new one comes up a couple feet away from last year's plant.

Ah, the joys of gardening!

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